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Have a look at the images of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). Ask and reply with a companion a) Have you ever ever heard about UFOs? Do you suppose they actually exist? b) Have you ever ever seen any movies on UFOs? What have been they about? c) What do you wish to find out about UFOs? d) Should you noticed a UFO, what would you do? UFOs are unusual flying objects that some individuals report they’ve seen within the sky and believed to be spacecraft from one other planet. Many scientists don’t imagine so. They are saying that if individuals see a UFO, it could be an plane, a climate balloon or a meteor. Nonetheless, there may be nonetheless proof for individuals to imagine within the existence of UFOs. In 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an skilled pilot within the USA, reported that he noticed 9 giant spherical objects touring at about 2,800 meters an hour to the left and north of Mount Rainier.83 In 1952, there have been greater than 1,500 UFO sightings around the globe. In 1954, a lady and her kids believed they noticed a UFO above their home. The girl stated she noticed two aliens within the spacecraft. In 1964, a farmer claimed he noticed an egg-shaped object in one in all his fields and in addition aliens amassing soil samples. In 1971, two males claimed they have been captured by aliens and brought aboard a spacecraft. After being examined by the aliens, the boys have been freed. In 1978, a younger pilot and his airplane disappeared after sighting a UFO. In 1981, Renato Nicolai, who was dwelling within the south east of France, reported that he noticed a plate-like machine at a treetop 30 meters away from his backyard.S SS S LS 0GGG LL LL GG LLGLL L SLSL LC CLLCCLaaaSS proof, supportfalling star, or taking pictures star unknown / unusual individuals or issues bringing collectively or gatheringcaught as a prisonerbecame unimaginable to seeb) Full the notes.f UFO sightingsa) or will be e) A farmer noticed in 1964.I mistaken for an alien f) In 1971, two males – spacecraft. -g). A pilot in 1978.b) In 1947, a pilot noticed – ) In 1981, a Frenchmanc) There have been over reported from his worldwide in 1952. backyard.d) In 1954, a lady and her kids noticed home, Unit 10: Life on different planets3. SPEARLSG S LLLL LLLLCCC LS L aaC CCCCCCC LCLLL G LLLL LL LLLLL LCLCLL LLLLS S G CL L LCLLLL LLL LLLLLGG C S L LLLS LL LLGLLL L L LGSLC CC LLLLL LL LLLLLL dialogue with a partnerminerals vegetation little creatures mountains gems water gasoline Nam: What do these drawings say, Hung? Hung: There could be water in Mars. Nam: And what about these black glowing spots on the fitting nook?Hung: Effectively, they could be traces of gems. There could also be loads of treasured stones on Mars.b) Make up related dialogues concerning the drawings, utilizing the cues in part a).c) Now speak with a companion Inform one another what you suppose there could be on Mars, on the moon and on different planets. |으.4. SEN Hearken to the outline of the moon. Then verify (/) the right statements concerning the moon.a) There isn’t any air on the moon. b) There are rivers and lakes on the moon. c) There are not any sounds on the moon.d) It is vitally chilly at evening on the moon.e) Through the day the temperature is even decrease. f) There are nice spherical holes on the moon. g) There are not any mountains on the moon. h) You’ll weigh eight kilos heavier on the moon. i) It is possible for you to to leap very excessive on the moon. j) Sooner or later on the moon lasts for 2 weeks. S. READASPACE TRIP Do you wish to plan for some form of thrilling journey? Do you’ve gotten one million {dollars}? Are you very wholesome? Are you a superb traveler’? Do you wish to go to nowhere? Then you possibly can have a visit to area.Should you determine to take the journey, you’ll have to prepare just a few months earlier than the flight. You should be in wonderful bodily situation. You must run quite a bit, swim each day, and do aerobics and push-ups. You should get a letter from the physician that reveals you’re in excellent well being.When you get on the journey, you may be in a distinct world. You will note photos of the Earth. You may additionally discover your nation and different attention-grabbing locations. It is possible for you to to see Unit 10: Life on different planetsthe oceans, the massive rivers, the tall mountains. It is possible for you to to see them many occasions as a result of you’ll orbit the Earth 16 occasions a day! Additionally, you will be capable of see stars that you just couldn’t see from the Earth.If you find yourself in orbit, it is possible for you to to get out of your seat and stroll within the cabin. It is possible for you to to stroll on the partitions or on the ceiling like in a circus. You’ll not weigh something! You’ll really feel completely free and benefit from the fantastic feeling you’ve gotten by no means had earlier than. Should you have been on board nOW, would expertise these marvelous issues. So do you suppose it is possible for you to to take an area journey? Begin to dream now and your dream could come true some day.a) Put the phrases so as to present what you want and get in becoming a member of a visit into the area.get a letter from a physician to indicate you’re in excellent well being see photos of the Earth, its attention-grabbing locations, and stars from very far be happy and revel in fantastic feeling prepare and be in a wonderful bodily conditionget on the tripb) Reply. Then write the solutions in fill sentences. 1. What’s going to you must do for those who determine to take an area journey? 2. What should you do if you wish to present you’re in excellent well being? 3. What scenes on the Earth are you able to see from outer area? 4. What number of occasions a day are you able to see these scenes? 5. What issues are you able to do while you’re in orbit that you just can’t do if you find yourself on the Earth? 6. Should you have been capable of take an area journey, what would you do to arrange for the journey? What would you wish to carry alongside? 6. WRITES LLLLL LLL LLSLSLL GCCC LLLLL L LLLLL S S LLLLL LL LLL ML LL LSLSLLL CLLC S GL LLLL LL LL SL LGLLS LLS SLLLLLCLLS SA. B Introduction (presents the (i) Subsequently, UFOs are simply the author’s viewpoint: I believe…, | creativeness of some writers they usually do I imagine …, …) exist solely in movies for leisure. Physique (provides causes / (ii) I don’t imagine there exist UFOs even examples for persuasion: although many newspapers speak quite a bit about Firstly, …; Secondly, …; them. – – – – – – – – – – – – )(iii) Firstly, alien craft could be plane, balloons, clouds or tips of sunshine. Secondly, there should not sufficient photographs exhibiting clearly the shapes of the UFOs. Furthermore, if there are UFOs, there will definitely be traces of their touchdown on the bottom.Conclusion (sums up the argument: due to this fact, …)b) Learn the dialogue between An and Ba concerning the existence of UFOs. An: Do you suppose UFOs exist? Ba: Sure. Articles and reviews in newspapers speak heaps about UFO look. An: What makes you imagine there are UFOs?Ba: Effectively, many individuals around the globe say they’ve seen alien craft, so they have to exist.An: Flying saucer! It could be their creativeness.Ba: I don’t suppose so. There are many photographs of them. And, a number of the photographers stated they noticed man-like creatures get out of the saucers,An: If there have been alien craft, there could be traces of their touchdown.Ba: You’re proper. Individuals are speaking concerning the mysterious circles on the fields in Nice Britain. UFOs are now not human beings’ creativeness. They’re actual. We must be able to welcome their visits.Unit 10: Life on different planetsSLL L S SG LLLL LL LL LLL LLLLLL aL LL GGCCC LLL LLL LLLL LL LL LL LLCLC L of UFOs. Start withI imagine UFOs exist as a result of articles and reviews in newspapers…………..LANGUAGE FOCUSModals: could, may Conditional sentences: sort 1 and kind 2S C LLL LL LLL S L LaL S L L S L L S LC CCL LLLSIt could also be a e-book or it could be a sport.e-book / sport field of crayons / field of paints89 Histos flying saucer / meteorO night star / spacecraft 2. Full the sentences. Use the verbs within the field.rain / not exit be a part of / finishwrite / not overlook not be / drop miss / not hurrya) If it rains this night, I gained’t exit.b) Lan the bus if she c) If Ha cautious, he the cup. d) Mrs. Nga us if she her work early, e). If Mrs. Binh a purchasing listing, she what to purchase. 3. Have a look at the images. Full the sentences. a) Instance:Ba / be wealthy // journey around the globe If Ba have been wealthy, he would journey around the globe.90 Unit 10: Life on different planetsb) c)Lan /reside / Ho Chi Minh Metropolis // go to / Saigon Water Parkd) e)Nam / arrive / faculty / on time // Hoa / reside / Hue // see / parentshave / alarm clock each day f)Tuan / get / higher / grades / examine / more durable91 If I met an alien from outer area, I’d invite him/her to my dwelling and speak.

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